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If you are looking for a coin locker in Namba, go to RakuRaku for baggage storage



RakuRakushopping in Osaka Namba

Baggage storage service shop near Nankai Namba Station


Store Information

RakuRakuBaggage.Storageis in Namba

As Namba Station is concentrated in Kansai International Airport (KIX) from Rapite and from Itami Airport to the airport bus and Osaka Metro (subway), you can enjoy your travels with your luggage in hand.

Let's enjoy sightseeing at home in Namba easily.

Please come to the advantageousRakuRaku Baggage Storagewhich is cheaper than the coin locker at Namba Station.

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Usage fee

1Baggage 1Day ¥500


Total up to200 cm OK!OK to 30 Kg!


Within business hours(10:00~20:00)


Please feel free to deposit your luggage with one coin.

Business hours


You can keep it for up to 3 days in

total according to the length of stay

(*500 yen addition per night)

Terms of service

【Matters needing attention】
The following are the terms of service for RakuRaku Baggage Storage. By using our services, you are agreeing to these terms.
1, Items cannot be stored
The sum of three dimensions is greater than 200cm. (Or any single dimension is greater is 200cm) Item heavier than 30kg. Valuables (cash, passport, cash cards, prepaid cards, credit cards, securities, gems,
preciousmetals,calligraphy, antiques, art, camera, documents contents personal or confidential information and other valuable that you define as valuables). Refrigerated/frozen food products, Animals, plants, fish and shellfish Corpse, ashes Volatile or toxic item or explosiveltems give off odor or rotten. Illegal items such as stolen goods, firearms, swords or items intended to be used in crime activities, or those in possession is prohibited by laws and regulations.Any other item defined as not suitable for storage by our staff.
In the case of our staff determine that inspection is nesscery. An inspection will be carry out under your agreement. In the case of refusing such inspection, we have the right to terminate our service. Please note that in the case of suspicion of contents that may includes items listed in 「1.Items cannot be stored」 inspection may carry out without notice.
3, Unclaimed items
We assume that you renounce the ownership of any items that remain unclamined after to 10 days from the date of deposit. The item will be dispose and devote to storage fees and other expenses.
4, Our responsibility
For any damage or loss caused by our negligence in our storage and delivery. We will compensate up to 100,000 yen as the upper limit per luggage. However, damage that does not impair the inherent function, such as dirt and scratches that cause naturally during deposit is excluded.
5, Immunity
Please note, we will not be held responsible in any way for damage or loss caused by the following matters. (1) defect of baggage, nature of the consumable. (2) firing due to the nature of the baggage, explosion, mold, rot, discoloration, rust and other similar matters. (3) strike, riot or robbery. (4) fire due to forcemajeure. (5) earthquake, tsunami, storm surge, flood, storms, landslides, and other natural disasters. (6) Confiscation, seizure or delivery to a third party bylaws and regulations or public authority. (7) Turn over to third parties cause of the loss or robbery of receipt or tag. (8) user's intention or negligence.
6, Liability of the user
Customer are responsible for any damange or loss caused by customer's intentional or negligence. Number tag. A number tag will be issued to customers. The number tag necessary when exchange for luggages, please do not lose it. In the case of lost the number tags, RakuRaku Baggage storage shall be able to claim 500 yen from customer.
7, About the handling of personal information
Personal information obtained from our customers during the stroage ,delivery service will not be used for any other purpose.
8, Alteration of the terms
Terms listed may alter without notice due to our discretion.

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Kokkudoll bill 5F
chuuouku osakacity

Access from Nankai Train Namba Station


Access from Osaka Metro Namba Station

About RakuRaku Baggage Storage

RakuRaku Baggage Storage is dedicated to your trip to Osaka.

RakuraRaku Baggage Storage is located at the entrance of Osaka Namba Transportation.

Nankai Namba Station, Osaka Metro Namba Station, Itami Airport Line Bus Terminal
can all be reached within 3 minutes on foot.

Hotel, check the baggage before check-in and check-out, please enjoy shopping in USJ, Kaiyukan,
Osaka Castle sightseeing, Namba and Umeda to enjoy Osaka.

Once checked out, you can go to the next destination without returning your baggage
to the hotel, accommodation or accommodation.

RakuRaku Baggage Storage recommends Hand-Free Travel.

There are lots of coin lockers around Osaka Namba Station.

However, it is difficult to find a coin locker with a large suitcase at present,
and only your important time will pass.

RakuRaku Baggage Storage is close to Namba Station and offers
luggage storage at the lowest prices.

The charge for luggage storage will be 500 yen per day.
It is free to put in and out different from the coin locker.

Organize your luggage while shopping, go out shopping,sightseeing at home.